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Addlestone Electronics

Addlestone Electronics - Company Profile

The team at Addlestone Electronics have been designing and manufacturing specialist products for the CCTV industry for over 40 years. Our tradition of high quality and innovation has earned us an enviable reputation in the industry. We continue to lead the way with excellence in our field, offering first class support for users, distributors and installers and testing 100% of all products before dispatch from the factory.

Founded in 1964, the company led the way with ground-breaking innovation and was first to market with many designs including the Pulse and Bar signal generator which is still used today as an industry standard to evaluate the quality of video transmission.

Located in the United Kingdom, in Bisley, Surrey, Addlestone Electronics is still owned by its founder, Kerr Boxall, and owns its manufacturing and office facility. It also has a series of Warehouses which are available for lease.

Addlestone Electronics solutions include stand alone and rack mountable video distribution amplifiers, line correctors, launch amplifiers, hum cancellers and test equipment, all available in either unbalanced (co-ax) or balanced (twisted-pair) versions.

The company's range of high quality products meets the requirements of many organisations, including the London Underground, Channel Tunnel, Rail Networks and HM Prison services.

Addlestone Electronics pioneered many products including the BH17 range, which was the first opto-coupled line corrector, and this revolutionised the industry and has been copied by many, but never bettered. You will still find some in use today, more than 30 years since launch.

Addlestone Electronics prides itself on its service and technical support and is well known in the industry for being a valuable resource whenever there is a video transmission issue to be resolved. We are always pleased to offer advice and recommendations wherever possible.